Sounds of Worship: A Broken Song

Do you ever feel like a broken song playing on repeat? Sometimes I feel as if I’m a broken record, bringing the same tune to the Lord over and over. Help me, Lord; take away the pain, Lord; fix the situation, Lord; take away the loneliness, Lord; help me to do the right thing, Lord. I often wonder if God gets tired of hearing the same broken lyrics of my song. I know I do.

But, God. God in His love and grace and gentleness reminded me through a song the other day that He welcomes my broken song. The lyrics of Rend Collective’s song, Simplicity, sing:

I come with my broken song,
To you the perfect One.

A broken song, sung to the perfect One.

It doesn’t make sense that we would sing a broken song to a perfect God, but the reality is we all come with a broken song to the perfect One, because we are all broken people. We hurt. We cause hurt. We long for desires to come true. We worship God. We feel anger towards Him. It’s a cycle that we all go through in some way. This life we live on earth is a continuous circle of different seasons. And all those experiences culminate in a broken song that we sing to God over time.

But, God.

God, in His holy temple, is the perfect One that can take our broken song and make it a beautiful symphony. He can take our broken words and fears and feelings and make something beautiful out of it. He can take our song of heartache and turn it into a song of worship. When in His hands, our song of despair becomes one of praise. Because He is the perfect One.

Only God can turn something broken into something beautiful, just as He did at the Cross. He took a brutal death on a Cross and in turn gave us sweet redemption and grace. Only God can take the broken and put it back together in a way that is more beautiful than ever before. And so, I bring my broken song to His altar once again, knowing that when I sing it to Him, He will make beautiful music out of it.



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