Cafe Stories II

I have a couple of cafes that I frequent regularly. And when I say regularly, I mean they don’t even bother asking me what I want to order anymore, they just start getting it ready when they see me walking over. It’s great. But as I’m a regular there, I notice all the other regulars that go there, which means I also notice the non-regulars. So the other day when I was at the cafe I noticed these two newbies and they were on a DATE! And by the looks of it, it was their first date. And I couldn’t stop watching them because they were on a FIRST date!! Bless, they were so cute. So let me paint the picture for you.

I noticed the lad first when I sat down because one, he was at the table next to me, and to, he kept looking up at the door and wringing his hands. He was sweating and nervous and looked like he was about fifteen years old (he was older). He also looked like he was ready to run. Until she turned up. Then the poor boy looked like he wanted to throw up! Looking at the lass as she walked in, she looked just as nervous, if not more nervous. And when they finally met at the table, well, things were just…awkward. These two were clearly unsure what to do and how to act because there was awkward lean ins for a hug while the other put their hand out for a handshake. He stood awkwardly while he waited for her to pick a chair and sit down. The lad had made a rookie mistake in picking a four-seater table instead of a two seater, which would have been a little more intimate. But finally, she sat down and they had some broken on conversation from behind their menus. They ordered their drinks, then sat in awkward silence for a few minutes until he made a comment about her handbag having it’s own chair, she smiled, he cracked a joke and that was it: the awkwardness was gone and they both visibly relaxed into the date. They were adorable.

But it got me thinking about first dates and some of the first dates I’ve had and where I’ve had them. I’ve had a couple at cafe dates, which I think is a pretty relaxed place for a date. If you time it right, it gives you some good options: if the date is going well, you can turn a ‘coffee’ into lunch or dinner. If it’s not, then you can do the whole ‘well, thanks for the coffee but I gotta run’ thing and escape. It’s a little easier and less full on then a restaurant first date. You can extend a midday coffee into an all day hang out, or split after coffee and go do your own thing. However, personally, I don’t think it’s as romantic. I like the old fashioned “can I take you out to dinner?” first date where he picks you up (nowadays you usually meet at the location because unless you know him well, you don’t want to risk getting into a car with a serial killer). You generally (as a chic) spend the four days leading up to it freaking out about what to wear because he’s taking you to a restaurant and you want to look nice but not be overdressed where people think you’re on your way to a wedding, but still look nice enough to make him notice only you.

Restaurant first dates can be stressful for the guy because he needs to pick the restaurant, and where he takes you can say a lot about him. I remember one first date I had where the guy invited me to dinner, but then asked me where I wanted to go. When I told him that he could pick, it turned into a back and forth of “but where do you want to go”. By then end of it, I wanted to cancel the date altogether but felt rude because I had already said yes. Note to the boys reading this: if you ask her on a date, you need to sort out the details and just make the decision. (That’s what I prefer personally). Obviously, if there is confusion about diet etc. ask the question, but don’t make her pick the location. It doesn’t need to be a 5 Star restaurant, just somewhere nice that you think you will both enjoy. I’m a simple girl that is easily pleased, so as long as there is good food and the cutlery is clean, you’ll already be on the right track! (Food over flowers any day for this chic!) Now, I’m not speaking on behalf of all females cause I know some that have a differed preference to me, but honestly, a date should be about getting to know each other in a comfortable setting, not sending yourself bankrupt to please a chic! An by all means, get creative and think outside the box because being different and having a sense of adventure is always fun.

But back to the first date I was watching (that sounds super creepy, but they were sitting right next to me so it was hard not to observe them!). I was smiling walking out because even though I had been there a while, these kids had stuck around and turned their “just coffee” order into lunch and dessert and we’re having the time of their little lives. It was nice to see because I’ve unfortunately been witness to some really bad first dates in cafes (that’s for another blog). And as an eternal romantic, I’m a sucker for the shy little smiles and happy endings on a date. So…on that note, what was your most memorable first date??


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