Minute Devotions: Near.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted…Always. Without fail, every time I have been brokenhearted or felt crushed in spirit, He has been near. Every. Single. Time.

He is close and near, even when I don’t always feel it or acknowledge it.

He is gracious and kind, even when I am not.

He is loving and forgiving, even when I am raising my fist to Heaven and raging at Him.

He is kind and forgiving, even when I don’t deserve it. And goodness knows that I don’t deserve it at times.

In the face of our humanness and our actions and temper tantrums and rebellious hearts, He is faithful.

I’m still learning the heart of this Jesus I’ve given my life to, and the more I learn about Him, the more unreal and radical and amazing I discover Him to be. And so I’ll keep seeking Him and surrendering everything over to Him because if there is One that is faithful to save and redeem and protect and guide, it’s Jesus.


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