Minute Devotions: Praying for belief.

Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe, help my unbelief!” – Mark 9:24

Hope can be hard to hold onto sometimes. Trust can be even harder. In the midst of trials or heartache, holding onto God’s promises that He won’t let us go and has great plans for us can be a trial itself. Especially when we feel overwhelmed and the situation seems bigger than even God can manage.

But one of the sweetest things about God is His openness to our unbelief, and His willingness to love us to a place of believing in Him. He doesn’t shy away from our doubts or fears. Not even our disbelief in His abilities. Rather, He opens His arms even wider for us to go to Him and let him ease whatever is going on.

Like the father of the possessed child in the book of Mark, we can be honest with God about our unbelief and ask Him to help us to believe. We can ask Him to strengthen our faith in Him. To build our trust. To have the Holy Spirit pour out His love and grace that our eyes would be opened to His majesty and sovereignty. We just need to ask for help.

Cry out to God to help build our belief.

Ask for the zeal to know Him more.

Pray for courage to trust in Him, even when it seems like He isn’t doing anything at all.

Our God is a gracious God who is always waiting to help his children. He won’t turn you away. He’ll open His arms to you so you can run to him. Today, if you are struggling with unbelief and doubt, can I encourage you to cry out to Him and trust that He loves you and will answer.


Lord, thank you for your unconditional and gracious love. A love that doesn’t shy away from my doubts and unbelief. Today, please help strengthen my faith and trust in You, and help me to silence the doubts. In Jesus’ name. Amen


2 thoughts on “Minute Devotions: Praying for belief.

  1. Love this… Together, with a couple of friends, I pray a verse a month. This is the verse for us this month. I’ve been asking God to breath life back into the areas where my unbelief has caused my prayers to go stale! Thanks for writing this encouragement

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