Minute Devotions: Because.


This is my journal entry from this morning as I sat with my coffee and bible, reading Psalm 63:3, ‘because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.’

Because? I sat on that for a moment, thinking about why we should praise? And as I started writing, I was reminded why. Because God is not a God that does things because He has too but BECAUSE He wants do. He is a God of love and compassion and grace and all His actions are out of love and compassion and grace. He is a good God who loves us.

BECAUSE He has been faithful before, over and over and over and over, I will choose to trust and believe that He will be faithful again and again and again. A love that was strong enough to send Jesus to the Cross for us is not a love that will shift and abandon us; He was and is and always will be faithful.

BECAUSE even when we can’t see Him or feel His presence or think that He has turned His back on us, He is still there and still present and still working all things together for those that love Him. And because everything He does is out of love for us, not obligation. And because of His steadfast love, I will continue to praise Him.

BECAUSE He is God.


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