Minute Devotions: Eyes wide open.

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law – Psalm 119:18 NRSV

God’s Word is full of so many wondrous and amazing things. Hidden treasures and sweet love letters, when God whispered His words into the hearts of the writers, He didn’t hold back. But we can’t just read the bible like an ordinary book, we need to dig deep within the words, we need the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and hearts to better understand God’s heart and will. When we read with our hearts, not just our eyes, we will see God’s heart for His Bride, we will see all the glorious things He has planned for us, His children, and we will better understand that His laws weren’t designed to control us but to guide and protect us. Once we go deep within His Words, our lives will be forever transformed.



Father God, how precious is Your Word to us. Open the eyes of our hearts as we read your Word today and show us what You want us to know. Amen.


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