A little appreciation.

Last week mum had a severe reaction to her chemo treatment. Severe to the point of turning our 3.5 hr treatment into a 7.5 hrs session of trying to get her stats and blood pressure back to normal. It was draining and frightening and something we’ve (quietly) been a little nervous about all week. The last few days, mum’s spirits dropped; she was feeling down and out, anxious,  nervous and just all over BLAH. She spoke of wanting to quit chemo and just quit things in general (that’s a story for another day because my head can’t deal with it at the moment).

Today walking in for her chemo, both of us were praying for an easy session and, praise God, all went well. The nurse kept a quiet eye on  mum and altered her treatment method, so we had no hiccups. Whatever they had given her relaxed her to the point of sleep and within a couple of hours, we were done! There was a smile on her face and a visible change in her posture as we walked out and she admitted to have been worried about the treatment today. Chemotherapy is one of those things that doesn’t just mess with your body, it messes with your head. It’s a pain in the you know what, but it’s a necessary pain.

Generally after chemo, mum is exhausted and just wants to sleep, and lunch is something super quick or nothing at all. This picture was taken 30 mins after chemo today: we actually went and had lunch.


She was feeling good so we actually went and had a proper lunch at the Coffee Club. Fish, chips, chicken. Food cooked properly and eaten slowly at the table while we sat and smiled at the couple on the table next to us who were having their first date. A really awkward first date I might add, but fortunately by the time they finished their meal, things were looking good and both were looking at each other instead of the table. Young love, bless. But back to mum. Sitting at lunch with her and watching her enjoy her meal was balm to my weary soul. It was a moment worth capturing and a moment to enjoy.

I’ve always enjoyed the simple things in life, but this season of chemo with mum has given me even more appreciation of the little things. I appreciate my God more. I appreciate my family and friends. I appreciate the medical staff that look after mum. I appreciate my environment and my challenges and my life in general. I appreciate those that are standing with us and standing in the gap for us. To those that have lifted mum up in prayer this week, and I know there are many of you praying for all of us, I thank you. I really, really thank you and appreciate you. If I don’t show it enough, please know that I do.

But that’s enough from me today otherwise this blog is going to get too emotional and mushy, and that’s just going to make everyone uncomfortable. So until next time, be blessed people!


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