Cafe Stories – The Boy is in LOVE!!

The other day I found myself with a few hours to kill, so went to one of my regularly frequented cafes, ordered a coffee and sat on one of their lounges to settle back with a book. This cafe has a couple of couches along a wall, some two-three seater and some single seater, so I took a single couch in the corner. I always chose this couch because it’s up against the wall, which means it’s facing into the cafe. And I like that because it allows me to observe people, which is always a good thing. I also … Continue reading Cafe Stories – The Boy is in LOVE!!

Let’s talk about Robin.

The recent death of Robin Williams broke my heart, along with that of millions of people around the world. I grew up watching his movies, quoting his lines and trying to imitate his Mork and Mindy accent. It’s so heartbreaking that someone that was able to make so many laugh was living in silent misery and agony on the inside. His death has highlighted depression, mental health, suicide, all things that we still struggle to deal with and understand. There is still much to learn about it and, most frustrating, still so much stigma around it. I hear comments like … Continue reading Let’s talk about Robin.