A nameless face in a sea of thousands – Cambodia, The first 24 Hrs

I made it. I touched down in Cambodia. Today marked our first official day in Cambodia, despite us arriving late last night. As it was late and everyone was tired, the trip didn’t really start until today. And my word, what a start. It’s been a long and at times draining day. And as I sit in my room and reflect on the day, I realise that I’m experiencing a range of emotions; anger, heartbreak, confusion. The things we have seen today have left me pained and asking questions. Questions that I will likely not get answers to anytime soon. … Continue reading A nameless face in a sea of thousands – Cambodia, The first 24 Hrs

Life, death, and the footprints left behind.

I attended a funeral today, one of many that I’ve been to in my time. Of all the funerals I’ve been to, thankfully, none have been for anyone very close to me, they’ve all been for partners or parents of peopleĀ I know. But they are never fun. I’m sure we can all agree on the fact that funerals are the opposite of fun. If anything, most funerals are depressing and morbid. But they are a part of life; at some point, everyone attends a funeral for someone they know, some (like myself) attend for people they don’t know, more being … Continue reading Life, death, and the footprints left behind.

Let’s talk about Robin.

The recent death of Robin Williams broke my heart, along with that of millions of people around the world. I grew up watching his movies, quoting his lines and trying to imitate his Mork and Mindy accent. It’s so heartbreaking that someone that was able to make so many laugh was living in silent misery and agony on the inside. His death has highlighted depression, mental health, suicide, all things that we still struggle to deal with and understand. There is still much to learn about it and, most frustrating, still so much stigma around it. I hear comments like … Continue reading Let’s talk about Robin.