My Easter heart

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Original artwork piece by R.Hernandez


Easter is here. It feels like we barely got through Christmas and New Year, and now the hot cross buns are all over the place and Easter eggs have become a staple at every meal, and in some cases, replacing the meal itself. That could just be me, but whatever, it’s still food, right? The shopping centres are pulsing with people rushing around trying to get their shopping done and pick up excessive amounts of chocolate to hand out to people. You would think the apocalypse is coming with the way people are running around the grocery isles. Needless to say, it’s frustrating me.

Easter, like Christmas, is becoming more and more commercial, with the true meaning of it being diluted more and more to not offend (you may not agree with that, but that’s my personal opinion). The true meaning of Easter is being talked about less and less, with more emphasis being put in the bunny and the chocolate he delivers. For me, this is sad. Easter is huge for me and my family. It is a time of reflection and celebration of a Father in Heaven who loved us (everyone, not just me but you too) so much He sent his Son to carry our sins on the Cross. I believe that with all my heart. I know some don’t believe that, some claim it’s a fable. I don’t. With everything in me, I believe in this Jesus who walked the earth and went to the cross to carry my sin and shame. I wholeheartedly believe in this Jesus that was resurrected after 3 days and sits in heaven alongside the Father. And if anyone has every wondered why I believe it, the answer is because I have encountered Jesus and His grace. I have encountered, time and again, love from heaven. I have felt the presence of God in such a profound way that it has bought me to my knees and reduced me to tears. I have, over and over, had situations happen in my life that can’t be explained away with ‘coincidence’ or ‘luck’, especially as I don’t believe in either. This is the core of my belief system – God so loved the world that He sent His only Son for us. I look at God and I see a Father who loves what He created and did what we couldn’t do ourselves – He saved us.

It’s this belief that drives me to love radically and show grace in the most undeserving situations. It’s this love that makes me want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing God’s love is. I don’t always get it right. If anything, I get it wrong often, but I keep trying. This flawed follower of Jesus desperately wants to be like Him in every way, but it’s hard a road to walk. It’s difficult at times to keep walking the road Christ has called us to walk when that road is different to what society wants. But if I have learned anything since making the decision to follow Jesus, it’s that walking this path is worth it because my heart and soul are at peace and the search for answers is over. Despite the challenges that I have faced in my life, my heart is at peace knowing that God has it covered. No matter the difficulties that have come my way, I have been able to say, it is well with my soul. And it’s that peace, that indescribable peace and security that I will be okay, that makes Easter so important to me. Because I was only ever able to say that when I committed my life to Christ. I was only ever at complete peace when I gave my life to Christ.

I’m not writing this to preach at anyone, just to share my heart over Easter and share where my hope comes from. This life is just a journey and one day, we will stand face to face with our Maker, and that is where my hope lies, in knowing that eternity is waiting. My hope comes from knowing, with all certainty, that God is my healer and provider and protector and while I walk with HIm, I won’t be lead astray. And my prayer this Easter is that if you have yet to encounter the Father’s love, that you would. I pray that you would experience the love of a Father in Heaven that sent His Son for you. And I pray that you hear His sweet quiet voice whispering to you, ‘Beloved, I have loved you with an everlasting love.’

Be blessed and Happy Easter.


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