My (not so) Valentine

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Saturday was Valentine’s Day, the day of love for all the lovers around the world. A day the romantics of the world rejoice in. A day that can make single people feel like outcasts. A day that florists and chocolatiers and teddy bear companies love because people will spend ridiculous amounts of money to spoil that special someone. For me, Valentine’s Day is the day before all the chocolate goes on sale and I get to buy up big! I don’t care if all the chocolate is heart shaped, it’s chocolate and it’s on sale so I’m a happy camper. It also happens to be a reminder of my non-existent love life. And before you say it, let me beat you to it, “It’s just another day!”. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.

I’m generally not too keen to go out on V-Day however this year round I had a few friends that were flying solo as well, so one them took me out for a Valentine’s lunch. It was lovely. He was sweet, the food was great and the conversation, as it always is between us, was interesting and hilarious and random. It was like every other meal we had shared together except for the fact that every table around us was decorated with love heart balloons and the menus all had additions that were ‘love’ inspired. People walking past probably assumed that we were a couple because I was getting more smiles than usual. And the waitress just left us alone for longer than usual. But we enjoyed ourselves and had some good laughs along the way.

All in all, it was a nice day for me (I even got roses from two of my girlfriends, bless). However it’s not always like that. Every V-Day, I hear people say the same thing, “Don’t worry about it, it’s just another day.” Or, “It’s just a commercial exercise to make money, you should be celebrating Valentine’s Day every day.” Or, “I don’t even celebrate and I have a partner!” Or, “Don’t be so depressed and negative about it just because you’re single. You can still enjoy the day, you know!” (Romance for one is not very romantic, just saying!). Now, while I agree with (some) of those statements, they can be rather annoying, especially the last one about not hating on V-Day. When you have been single for a long time, the last thing you want to hear from a loved up person on the most romantic day of the year is any one of those statements because frankly, it’s not just ‘another’ day for some. For some, it’s a reminder that a dream still hasn’t come true. Some single people don’t actually want to be single; they want to find that special someone to share a commercial, over-expensive day like V-Day with; they want the roses and chocolates and corny cards and cuddles. They want the romance. And that’s okay because it’s what they want; it’s an individual thing and not about what you think. It’s what would make them happy, or happier.

Some people don’t like V-Day, and I get that. But regardless of how you feel about V-Day, keep in mind that everyone views it differently. Also keep in mind that for some single guys and gals out there, it can be pretty depressing. And it can be especially difficult if you are nursing a broken heart, or if you are the only single person within your group of friends, and the last thing they want to hear is, “It’s just another day.” As someone who has been single for a looong time (too long to admit on here), I’ve gone through all the emotions you can go through on V-Day. But what really worked for me and made me feel better was when people didn’t dismiss how I felt by writing it off as “just another day”. Just let people feel how they want to feel. And if you’re stuck on what to say or do, chocolate is always a good idea. Always!

2 thoughts on “My (not so) Valentine

  1. Haha I wrote a post on this… enjoyed reading yours 🙂 I’ll see your discounted chocolates and raise you cold cheese pizza, reruns of friends and chocolates naturally…its a minor detail that the chocolates were from my father to my mother… but we won’t go into that. Thank you for sharing… from another fellow singleton. Regards PSGA (President of the Single Girls Association) lifetime member.


    1. Haha where do I sign up for the club? I skipped the pizza and stuxk with the chocolates and chips with some Friday left overs thrown in! Glad you enjoyed it and I’ll be sure to check out your post as well 😊


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